Katelynn BreslerClient Service Specialist

Education & Accreditation

B.B.A., Rhodes College


Katelynn Bresler serves as a Client Service Specialist at Socius. In her role, she interacts with many of the firm’s clients, addressing their day-to-day needs. Katelynn is responsible for many of the back-office functions central to the firm’s operations, including paying bills, processing money movements, opening and maintaining accounts, and responding to client inquiries.

Local to the south Florida area, Katelynn started her career at Enterprise Holdings after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Rhodes College. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, watching football, and spending time with her black labradoodle, Leo.

What inspired you to join Socius Family Office?

The opportunity to grow and learn in the financial services industry with such a hardworking, goal driven team.

What do you love most about being at Socius?

The people I work with, both at Socius and the clients. I have always felt more than welcomed at this firm. From my first day, everyone has been so supportive and helpful with anything I’ve needed, which inspires me to work harder. Our clients have also made me feel right at home and I enjoy my daily interactions with them. It’s truly a “family” office.

What’s the biggest challenge most people face when it comes to their wealth?

Trust. It is very important to find someone you trust to handle your money, with a solid financial plan, to get the most out of your wealth.

What book has changed the way you think?

Talking to Strangers, by Malcolm Gladwell. Talking to Strangers studies miscommunication, interactions, and assumptions people make when dealing with people they do not know. Communication and truly understanding other thoughts and points of view is very important, whether it be in a professional or personal setting.

What does your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?
Coffee on the beach, watching football with wings and fries, and ending with a sunset bike ride!

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