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At Socius, we lead the strategic planning and implementation of investment management and administration requirements to provide our clients with tailored strategies and expert guidance for their financial success.


Foundations and endowments are driven by a mission to support thriving communities and inspire positive change, which necessitates a sustainable, diversified, and disciplined investment strategy, along with an adaptive administrative support structure that evolves with market conditions and the changing needs of these organizations. We collaborate with foundations and endowments to empower mission-driven not-for-profit organizations in making a meaningful impact in the communities they serve.

The Socius Difference

Building Futures

Endowments and foundations operate with long-term investing horizons that span decades or more. At Socius Family Office, we understand that philanthropy is not just about the present, but also about establishing resilient foundations for future generations to flourish. We recognize the significance of foundation investing and support in fulfilling an organization’s long-term mission and goals. Donors choose to support not-for-profit organizations based on their trust that funds will be invested and utilized in alignment with the causes and communities these organizations serve, taking into account the organization’s expected lifetime and purpose.
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Mission-Driven Investment Partners

We collaborate closely with our clients to align the investment and stewardship of their endowment with the purpose and objectives of their organization, ensuring that their mission is advanced effectively. Socius provides comprehensive and robust investment solutions customized to meet the financial and mission-driven objectives of the organizations we serve, aligning with their near-term and long-term investment goals and financial obligations.

Strategic Solutions for Impactful Giving

We specialize in providing foundation and endowment clients with strategically planned and customized investment management and structuring solutions. Our aim is to help them fulfill their long-term obligations and make a lasting impact that advances future generations and philanthropic endeavors.

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Custom Portfolios for Endowments

We develop tailored portfolio structures specifically designed for foundation and endowment clients. Our focus is on minimizing risk, addressing cash flow and liquidity needs, and ensuring resilience during market fluctuations. By doing so, we enable our clients to uphold their commitment to the community and sustain their impactful work.

Mission-Aligned Portfolios for Stability

We build portfolios that align with the long-term goals and mission of our foundation and endowment clients, helping them navigate market volatility and changing financial circumstances while staying committed to their philanthropic mission.


Foundations & Endowments Services

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