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Families & Individuals

At Socius Family Office, we go beyond financial advice and planning to execute your plans, organize your affairs, and simplify your life.

Connecting the dots across a well-documented strategic plan designed specifically for you, we ensure a seamless integration of all key elements.

Socius Family Office offers a highly personalized approach to wealth management and family administration, helping you navigate the complexities, tackle challenges, and seize opportunities with tailored solutions.

The Socius Difference

A Trusted Partner

At Socius, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs to provide exceptional service. Our commitment to building trust and instilling confidence allows our clients to rely on us for all their investment management and family office services with complete peace of mind.

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Managing for your Legacy

We believe that managing your financial affairs is about more than just keeping score—it’s about building a lasting legacy for future generations. As a full-service family office, we assist families in organizing, preserving, and protecting their finances across generations.

Aligned with your Financial Goals

We take pride in our role as fiduciaries for our clients. We understand the importance of balancing risk and reward to align with their objectives and obligations. With a deep understanding of our clients’ goals, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, liquidity requirements, and life events, we create tailored asset allocations and family office service solutions that are intelligent and customized to their unique circumstances.
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Evidence-based Risk Management

Our approach is based on evidence and research, using historical data to inform our decisions. We also employ an asset-liability framework to manage risk, distinguishing between assets that fulfill your needs and those that aim for growth. This strategy ensures peace of mind, particularly during periods of market volatility.

Families & Individuals Services

Focusing on the details that matter. LEARN MORE

Removing the guess work in planning for our client’s future funding needs and preparing them for market fluctuations and economic events.


A comprehensive approach to retirement planning considers tax planning, investment management, estate planning, and much more. LEARN MORE
Comprehensive investment advisory, delivering data-driven results so you can achieve your financial goals. LEARN MORE

Creating a lasting legacy through sustainable and mission-driven investing.


Gain transparency, make informed decisions, and drive growth with accurate and timely financial data. LEARN MORE
Helping our clients expand their real estate portfolio or efficiently managing their existing properties. Our expertise and support enable seamless coordination and provide the necessary guidance to help you achieve your real estate goals with ease. LEARN MORE

Efficiently handling payables and receivables to provide clients with valuable time savings.


Your guiding partner to ensure that your risks in all areas are appropriately covered.


Providing timely and accurate performance and financial information for all your holdings.


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