Transparency Audit

Get an unbiased audit of all your finances. If we can’t help you save
10x our fee, you pay nothing.

Most high-net-worth individuals and families know their investments, tax returns, and estate plans aren’t perfect—but they’re often shocked to learn how much can be improved.

While you might enjoy a warm relationship with your current advisers, the institutions they represent are often fundamentally sales-driven. In reality, you may be paying excessive fees and taxes, experiencing poor investment performance, and dealing with an outdated estate plan.

Imagine talking to a pharmaceutical sales rep when you thought you were going to a doctor. It never hurts to get a second opinion.

How Our Transparency Audit Works

For a one-time fee, we’ll review the entirety of your finances in detail—uncovering waste, revealing the costs you don’t see, and ensuring your plans properly align with your wishes. We’ll go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, aiming to reduce your investment expenses, increase your performance, improve your tax efficiencies, and provide an effective estate strategy.

You deserve to understand the reality of your finances: we’ll walk you through everything we find and show how your performance compares.

If your portfolios and plans are largely in good order, we’ll provide a clean bill of health—if not, we’ll recommend appropriate solutions to rectify your situation.

Risk-Free Audit: Save 10x Our Fee or Pay Nothing

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