Why Socius?

Stewards of your capital, honest advocates for your financial life.

Stewards of Your Capital, Honest Advocates for Your Financial Life.

Socius cuts through to provide clear-eyed, candid advice and comprehensive, efficient execution. A single point-of-contact for all aspects of your entire financial life, we lead your larger team of professionals to manage your financial affairs as a well-oiled business.

Meet Our Team.

  • Robert Konrad Founder, Non-Executive Chairman

    Socius’s founder and non-executive chairman, Rob played an instrumental role in crafting the firm’s client-focused mission and unique business…

  • Mark Baniewicz, CFP® President, CEO

    Mark Baniewicz didn’t follow the typical path into the world of finance. After majoring in the subject as an undergraduate, he turned down a Rhodes Scholarship to join the NFL…

  • Kaylyn Melia, CFP® Chief Compliance Officer | Chief Operating Officer

    Kaylyn Melia keeps Socius running smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes so the team can spend more time adding value to client relationships. As Chief Operating Officer…

  • Troy Nunes Managing Director

    Troy Nunes had dedicated the entirety of his career to working with and for professional athletes. A collegiate athlete himself, today he works from Socius’s Pennsylvania office, …

  • Matthew Cassano Managing Director

    Matt Cassano knows what it takes to be a premier athlete: hard work, perseverance, and intelligent strategies. As the wealth advisor leading the sports initiative at Socius…

  • Ron Tenhagen
    Ron Tenhagen Chief Investment Officer




  • Mark Renz, CFA® Managing Director

    Mark Renz has spent over two decades in the financial services industry, but he’s never found any place like Socius. He has served as an investment adviser to high-net-worth families since…

  • Tommy McDonnell Advisor Associate

    Previously the captain of the basketball team at UNH, Tommy has a passion for working with and coaching athletes. In his role as an Advisor Associate at Socius, Tommy works…

  • Bryce Nantes
    Bryce Nantes Managing Director




  • Shannon Ogden, CPA® Director of Accounting

    As Director of Accounting for Socius Family Office, Shannon Ogden is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the firm’s accounting processes and procedures…

  • Katelynn Bresler Client Service Specialist

    Katelynn Bresler serves as a Client Service Specialist at Socius. In her role, she interacts with many of the firm’s clients, addressing their day-to-day needs…

  • Alexis Gayhart Advisor Associate

    Alexis Gayhart values her clients’ comfort and peace of mind above all else. Serving in the financial services industry since 2004, she has seen how larger firms can fail to give clients …

  • Jennifer Gonzalez Advisor Associate

    As a Client Advocate, Jennifer is often our clients’ first point of contact. Jennifer helps maintain communication with our clients by assisting with day-to-day transactions and reporting…

  • Pat Harris Operations Specialist

    Pat Harris helps clients do what they do best by handling everything that might distract them from their own jobs. As a client advocate, she manages the day-to-day transactions…

  • Jenna Diaz
    Jenna Diaz Client Service Specialist



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